Victims of terrorism
Bronze in tribute to the victims of the World Trade Center

bronze foundry Paris draw 1/8

height: 70 cm

This sculpture represents the twin towers of New York and symbolises the fraternity between France and the United States. Beyond September 11, 2001, it is more broadly a symbol of peace in the face of all forms of terrorism. Female nudity represents timelessness, universality and fragility. The blindfolds refer to blind victims of terrorism and tied hands represent deprivation of liberty. The man holds a sword anchored in the ground, expressing the impossible defense against unpredictable attacks. He is crowned to evoke the hope and triumph of freedom as a reminder of the values ​​embodied by the Statue of Liberty.


The work has traveled more than 16,000 km in Europe and Canada. It has been seen by thousands of people and many politicians in France, Switzerland, Canada and the US have supported this project. A copy is exposed in the private rooms of the Elysée Palace and another was inaugurated in the city of Puteaux. It is also present in the virtual gallery of the 9/11 museum in New York.


"I appreciate your friendship for the United States and I appreciate the efforts you are making to strengthen and promote Franco-American friendship through your art. (...) I look forward to continue working with you to strengthen the friendship between the United States and France. "- M.Craig R. Stapleton, Ambassador of the United States of America in Paris

Jean Sébastien Raud artiste engagé terrorisme fraternité France Etats Unis inauguration de l'oeuvre