6 th mass extinction of species
Raising awareness on the consequences of climate change

plaster, steel and coins

height: 50 cm

This work represents an allegory of the soul of the earth. The woman reigns in the center, like a piéta, and holds against her a withering lotus flower. Some call her Gaia, others Pachamama. On the half-sphere, the plant kingdom and the various animal kingdoms are represented from a figurative and symbolic point of view: bee / insect, orangutan / mammal, shark / fish, jellyfish / invertebrate, dodo / bird , turtle / reptile.


This sculpture raises awareness of the challenges we face in today's society neglecting nature and pushing our living conditions to the brink. We are in the 6th mass extinction of species, the 5th was that of dinosaurs! A wave of coins surrounds the 6-shaped world: despite the ubiquitous triumph of greed, money is an energy that can be used intelligently. By reversing the number it is a 9, because Gaia is 9 months pregnant and announces the arrival of a new world where hope is reborn.

Jean Sébastien Raud artiste engagé biodiversité cop 21
Jean Sébastien Raud artiste engagé biodiversité cop 21