Jean Sébastien RAUD has been teaching adult students of all ages and nationalities for more than 20 years. He shares the techniques of the art of European sculpture, both traditional and contemporary, through practical and theoretical courses. More than 1,500 students have benefited from his teaching.


Today, he is one of the few professors of creux-perdu (so called waste-mould) molding techniques used by Auguste Rodin, in France as well as abroad. He has made more than 2,000 casts with his students. He has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, based on the study of living models and the study of flayings (muscle men) from the reception rooms of the Royal Academy of sculpture founded by Louis XIV.


Jean Sébastien accompanies students in their work from different creative materials (raw earth, plaster, wax, polystyrene, metal frame) and finishing (bronze, resins, stone, marble).

Conférencier sculpture Jean-Sébastien Raud enseignant le moulage Rodi creux-perdu à ses élèves adultes

Jean-Sébastien in the presence of the skinned sculptures of Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741-1828) and Jacques-Eugéne Chaudron (1818-1856)


Hollow molding lost to the strip of land in progress.

First layer of blue plaster say: imprint layer and alert.

Enseignan conférencier Jean Sébastien Raud à l'oeuvre avec une sculpture en terre cuite

clay modeling