Sculpture in tribute to 10,000 children worldwide who are dying of starvation every day
Fighting indifference 

direct plaster, steel and wood, bronze patina

height: 90 cm

Exhibited for one year at the Paris headquarters of the NGO Action Against Hunger, under the aegis of its Director-General François Danel, the sculpture represents a naked child at an acute stage of malnutrition. This raw reality aims to raise the viewer's awareness of the ravages of hunger in the world. This disease of the body called "marasmus" is not the fruit of nature, it is the direct or indirect consequence of human action.


The technique used for this sculpture, in direct plaster, is unique. It is based on the construction of a steel frame covered with tow, which serves as a base for the plaster. This technique makes it possible to create a sculpture with more wild and raw material effects, impossible to achieve with traditional clay modeling. The materials used are simple called "poor" in the image of the subject.


This sculpture can be made available as a symbol to raise awareness of the ravages of hunger in the world or for another project, upon request.