Un enseignement de la sculpture par Jean-Sébastien Raud

Jean Sébastien RAUD gives lectures especially for art schools on "creative independence" by the mastery of the techniques of sculpture & molding known as "hollow trough" in plaster, essential material in the work of sculpture since Antiquity and he explains how his rare knowledge in line with Auguste Rodin's workshop is today vital and essential for young contemporary creators and creators.


His lectures also address the creative gesture in the commitment to international causes of which he is a vibrant representative.


(Program and module on request)

Jean-Sébastien Raud, enseignant conférencier dans les écoles d'art
Jean Sébastien Raud conférencier engagé pour les enjeux climatiques cop21

Conference on Climate Change 2015, Jean-Sébastien RAUD selected by the United Nations to participate in COP21